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Published by Megan on Mon, 05/23/2011 - 08:12 in


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Remember back to this post? I know, it's been quite a while. Proof that life with an infant progresses at a pace all its own. I would have thought the frames would have been hung ages ago.

Actually, trying to hang these suckers has been quite a saga. One that wasn't completed until last night. Hang on to your hats folks, because we're in for a bumpy ride.

Even though the process of trying to hang these IKEA frames was a difficult one, it was made easier by the prep work we did in that last post. Marking out the locations of the frames with blue painter's tape definitely helped us determine where we should put the nails to hang them and then helped us place the Command hanging strips. That's right, we needed to do a couple of attempts before the frames were actually hung.

So, as you saw in the last post, we started with the plain wall pictured here:
Living room wall

Then, we hung tape to see where the frames would be on the wall. After living with the tape for a few days and making minor adjustments, we were happy with the placement. However, it did take a bit longer before we attempted to hang the frames. Here is how our living room looked for a few days weeks:
Living room wall framed

Our first attempt at hanging the frames involved the standard picture hanging protocol; you know, drilling holes into the wall and pushing an anchor in before inserting a screw. We did all three steps on the left side of the opening, without issue, but we hit trouble with the right side. We began drilling a hole and we heard a strange sound. We're still not positive what was causing the sound, but we think we 'hit' (came upon, not actually hit) the duct work. Rather than continue drilling and risk major damage, we chose to hang the photo another way.

My mom swears by the Command photo strips, so we decided to give those a try. My loving husband kindly went to the store twice with them on his list (he forgot to grab them the first time), but mistakenly came home with a coat hook instead of photo strips. Since I like photos to be hung flush against the wall, I wasn't a huge fan of the hook sticking out a good two inches (call me crazy!). So, he ventured out again and returned with two sets of the photo hanging strips, and our story continues.

We attached one round of the command strips to the back of the right frame (the frame hanging on the right side, that is), and stuck it to the wall. It stuck initially, but when we tried to adjust the frame slightly because it wasn't level, the Velcro wouldn't reattach. Why? Because the lip of the frame in the back stuck out more than the Velcro strips did. We couldn't stick the Velcro on the frame edge itself because it wasn't wide enough. (This is the point where I wish I had a photo to show you, but unfortunately we didn't photo document the entire process)

After scratching our heads for a little while, and even entertaining the thought of drilling through whatever was making the weird sound (thank goodness we figured out another way!), my husband thought up the idea to do two layers of command photo strips in each place so that they would stick out farther than the lip of the frame. So, the frame goes like this: Frame, Side A of Velcro, Side B of Velcro, Side A of 2nd piece of Velcro (both sticky sides of this and Side B of piece one are stuck together). Then Side B of 2nd piece of Velcro was stuck to the wall.

Here are the two frames hung without photos inside. I had pulled out the paper insert for the frame on the left, so that's why the inside of that one looks differently.
Living room wall frames
Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the store this weekend to print off copies of the photos we want to put in the frames. So, I wasn't going to be able to show you a 'finished' product complete with pictures. However, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, I was able to come up with the following. I'm not positive about the photo on the right, but I'm liking the photo on the left at the moment. We are shameless about showing off our cute kiddo.
Living room wall pictures
So, there you have it. The crazy frame hanging saga comes to an end; hopefully our story will help you when you try to hang a frame on a wall that doesn't want to let you!

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